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El Techo de la Ballena

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El Techo de la Ballena and Asfalto-Infierno: the Logic of Inversion in an Attack on Venezuela’s Cultural Establishment.

Abstract: The 1960s in Venezuela was marked by a political turbulence whose counterpart in the cultural sphere aspired to be no less of an upheaval. Proclaiming a Surrealist-influenced dogma of “Change life, transform society,” a group of artists and writers formed the vanguard movement El Techo de la Ballena. Through a series of pamphlets, exhibitions, editorial projects and magazines El Techo sought to transform the coordinates of Venezuela’s “asphyxiating” cultural sphere to breathe new air into art and everyday life. This study aims to reveal the problematic elements of this quest for praxis through the adoption of a strategy that aimed to invert the old order to create a new one and asks to what extent such an approach drags the very underbelly it rejects with it. This study was the dissertation I submitted for my MA at Birkbeck in 2005. It is unpublished.

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