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PHOTO: SUSIE LINFIELD: “An Excerpt from ‘The Cruel Radiance, Photography and Political Violence’” (2010) (via American Suburb)

Interesting reflections on what Linfield argues is an inherent anti-photographic posture taken within the field of photography criticism. “For these writers, criticism is a prophylactic against the virus of sentiment, and pleasure is denounced as self-indulgent. They approach photography—not particular photographs, or particular photographers, or particular genres, but photography itself—with suspicion, mistrust, anger, and fear. Rather than enter into what Kazin called a “community of interest” with their chosen subject, these critics come armed to the teeth against it. For them, photography is a powerful, duplicitous force to defang rather than an experience to embrace and engage. It’s hard to resist the thought that a very large number of photography critics—including the most influential ones—don’t really like photographs, or the act of looking at them, at all.” (…)

Spanish Photographer Chema Madoz Opens Show in Caracas

Madoz’s images constantly challenge the laws of reason. As poetic images they reproduce and bring together many different ideas. They are contradictory, plural, polysemous, instantaneous images that possess a hidden meaning, without necessarily aspiring to the whole truth. (Extract from Catalogue)

Rómulo Peña: fotografía estenopéica venezolana

Publicamos aquí una breve nota y algo de información sobre la reciente publicación de una imagen estenopéica de un fotógrafo del Estado Falcon llamado Rómulo Peña. ¡Felicitaciones, Rómulo!

Inaugura Correspondias visuales en Rosario, Argentina

Inaugura en el Espacio Conexiones Correspondencias Visuales, una muestra de fotografías y dibujos que son el fruto del intercambio entre el fotógrafo argentino Marcelo Brodsky y Martín Parr (Inglaterra), Manel Esclusa (España), Pablo Ortiz Monasterio (México), Cassio Vasconcellos (Brasil), Horst Hoheisel (Alemania), Fredi Casco (Paraguay), Luis Weinstein (Chile), Andrew Esiebo (Nigeria), Facundo Zuviría (Argentina), Beto Gutiérrez (Venezuela), Joachim Schmid (Alemania) y Daniel Duhau (Argentina).

FOTO: maravilloso video donde Alec Soth describe los procesos detrás de su muestra individual en el Walker Art Center. http://bit.ly/ibgEgC

Artista Martha Rosler en una entrevista con Stills Gallery (video en inglés)

Martha Rosler was born in Brooklyn, New York, where she now lives, after spending the 1970s in California. Rosler’s work is centered on everyday life and the public sphere, often with an eye to women’s experience. Recurrent concerns are the media and war as well as architecture and the built environment, from housing and homelessness […]