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Otras que van a PINTA (Londres)…EstudioArte8

VIDEO: New York Times reports on the Tower of David

Following a recent report published by the BBC and a feature article in Venezuelan daily El Nacional, the Simón Romero from the New York Times is the latest in a line of journalists who have visited the Torre de David (Tower of David), a skyscraper that Venezuelan artists Juan José Olavarría and Ángela Bonadies with […]

David’s Tower: Postcards from the Brink

This text was commissioned by Douz + Mille Gallery (New York) to accompany a joint installation by artists Juan José Olavarría and Ángela Bonadies.

Venezuela en Pinta, Feria de Arte Latinoamericano

Un artículo del artista Yusef Merlhi, publicado por El Universal.