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Show by Venezuelan conceptual artist Pedro Terán opens in February in NYC

Pedro Terán (Barcelona, Venezuela, 1943) is considered one of the leading exponents in the appreciation, understanding and popularization of Conceptual Art in Venezuela. From the end of the 1960s, his work was characterized by its reflective nature and the use of diverse languages and visual strategies such as photography, performances, installations and interventions in urban and rural public spaces.

Magdalena Fernández at the Frost Art Museum

Venezuelan artist Magdalena Fernández will be presenting the video installation 2iPM009 from October 12th until January 8th 2012.

Otras que van a PINTA (Londres)…EstudioArte8

ARTE VENEZOLANO: activa desde hoy página web de Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Hoy se lanza el portafolio en línea de Jorge Domínguez Dubuc, donde pueden ver sus registros de sus obras desde 1992. La página incluye videos, instalaciones, escultura y fotografía.